• Available in the following pack sizes
  • Singles
  • Minipack – S4, M4, L4, XL4
  • Budget Pack – S12, M12, L12, XL12, XXL12
  • Big Pack- S36, M32, L28, XL24, XXL20
  • Jumbo Pack –L42, XL36
Super Absorbent Core

Absorbs wetness fast and traps it away from the surface for a comfortable dry feeling.

Color Cottony Cover

Super-soft cottony cover that gives baby ultimate comfort.

Magic Tape

Side Tapes are wider than ordinary tapes to hold diaper together firmly for the best fit. Magic Tape reseals over and over again even after contact with baby oil and powder.

Wetness Indicator

Provides the convenience of knowing when to change and helps maximize the usage of the diaper.

Elastic Waistband

Stretchable and soft waistband that fits snugly on your baby's waist for better fit and easier movement.

Side Leak Guards

A built-in system that effectively stops side leaks.

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